MAT-DYN-NET co-organised OTKR (Operator Theory and Krein Spaces) Workshop in Vienna

From December 19 to December 22, 2019, TU Vienna hosted mathematicians working on spectral theory, Krein spaces, and related fields for OTKR 2019, a workshop on operator theory and Krein spaces. This workshop was coorganised by MAT-DYN-NET: our Management Committee members Jussi Behrndt and  Aleksey Kostenko were part of the organising committee, and the workshop featured a session on mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks, organised by our Action.

In this session, our Management Committee members Marjeta Kramar-Fijavž, Ivica Nakić, Pavel Kurasov, and Petra Csomos presented some of their recent results.

The workshop in Vienna was a chance for MAT-DYN-NET’s core group to meet and discuss important current affairs and plans for the forthcoming meeting of the Management Committee and Working Groups in Zagreb in February.

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