Upcoming CA18232 WG Meetings and a Training School


·         Meeting 1: Mat-Dyn-Net-WG2 “Nonlinear Problems” Meeting, Novi Sad, Serbia, 29/09/2020–01/10/2020; please note: meeting rescheduled to 13/04/2021–15/04/2021

·         Meeting 2: Mat-Dyn-Net-WG1  "C0-semigroups and beyond" Meeting, Tübingen, Germany, 24/11/2020–27/11/2020; please note: meeting rescheduled to March 2021, in combination with the planned Training School in Salerno. In November 2020, a two-day online meeting (25 and 26 Nov. 2020) will be organised instead.


·         Meeting 3: Mat-Dyn-Net MC2 + WG3 & WG4 Meetings, Rome, Italy, 08/02/2021–12/02/2021 


·         Meeting 4: Mat-Dyn-Net-WG5 Meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, 15/02/2021–17/02/2021


·         Training School: Semigroup methods for coupled dynamics and networks, Salerno, Italy, 22/03/2021–26/03/2021

For more information on the WG meetings, please contact the respective WG Leader/Vice-leader.

We are constantly monitoring the situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Based on the situation, we will make decisions whether to hold the events as planned, postpone them, or move to a different format  The health of our community members is our primary concern.

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