Launch of MAT-DYN-NET, new COST Action to study mathematics of networks

On 4 October 2019, COST Action Mathematical models for interacting dynamics on networks MAT-DYN-NET ran its first kick-off meeting in Brussels at COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

MAT-DYN-NET is a newly funded research network within Horizon 2020 COST Programme that will link leading experts working on mathematical models for dynamical systems on networks (DSN) and address research challenges of complex networks at a European level.

Complex networks are everywhere: from classical electricity grids, water supply, pipelines, road or railway networks to bloodstream or ensembles of bursting neurons, or non-physical networks such as various social networks.

One of the largest networks is, of course, the Internet and the complexity of the big data behind impacting our daily lives. These systems are usually called dynamical systems on networks (DSNs). Their complexity is due to the heterogeneous dynamics of the systems comprising it, the diversity of interaction and communication media, and their huge scale in terms of the number of interacting systems and system interconnections.

MAT-DYN-NET network which gathers scientists from 31 countries will work for the next 4 years across several disciplines to develop a general theory of these systems and apply it to real-life situations in science, technology, and society.

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