Job advertisement

This is an advertisement for an opening for

  • a PhD student position and
  • a post-doc position,

in the group of Ivan Veselic at the chair of Analysis, Dynamical Systems, and Mathematical Physics at the Department of Mathematics at the TU Dortmund starting in spring/summer 2022.

The duration of a PhD student position is 3 years. The duration of a postdoc position is 2 years. In both cases a one year extension is possible under favourable circumstances.

The positions are partially funded by research grants and partially through teaching duties. Hence, both solid mathematical education & previous research experience on one hand and the ability to teach in German, possibly after an adaptation period, on the other, play a role in the selection process.

A PhD student applicant is expected to have acquired a sound knowledge in analysis/differential equations and probability theory, for instance by having taken courses & exams in these topics.

An applicant for the postdoc position is additionally expected to have experience in research in at least one of the mentioned fields. Knowledge of physics is an advantage.

The future research of the successfull candidates will focus on elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations. Moreover certain aspects of the following mathematical fields will play a role in the project

  • functional analysis & operator theory,
  • Fourier & harmonic analysis,
  • elliptic and parabolic partial differential equations on bounded and unbounded domains,
  • direct & inverse problems in the analyis of partial differential equations, in particular control theory,
  • effects of randomization on evolution equations,
  • control theory,
  • point processes & stochastic geometry,
  • large deviations, concentration inequalities & entropy methods.

The variety of topics offer the opportunity to broaden the mathematical foundations. If candidates had previous experience in some of the mentioned areas they should point this out in their application.

The review of applications will start on 28th March 2022. For full consideration, please apply by this date. However, applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Application emails should be

  • addressed to: Ivan Veselic using the address,
  • contain all the application documents in a single PDF attachment (maximal size 15 MB)
  • and provided withe the subject line:
    • PhD student application 2022 or
    • postdoc application 2022, respectively as appropriate.


Candidates for the PhD position should provide the following items:

  • cover letter outlining the motivation for the advertised position
  • CV (including academic education, positions, teaching experience, English and German language skills, participation in workshops, international experience)
  • list all publications (if any)
  • copy of university degree(s) and transcript of records
  • a digital copy of the master's thesis (if completed)
  • two or three reference letters.

Candidates with completed PhD should include additionally:

  • copy of PhD degree
  • two or three selected publications
  • a summary of past research (circa 2 pages)
  • optional: future research plans (circa 1 page)
  • optional: contact data of additional senior scientists/mentors as references (name, affiliation, and email address).

For details or updates please consult the webpage

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